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Blizzard Response Information

Reporting Losses - 

It might seem like too much effort but its important that ranchers report death losses.  It will help us to understand the full impact of this storm  and relay that message to people who can help.

Call Animal Industry Board - 605-773-3321

Animal Industry Board - Online Form


Animal Health Concerns Following October Blizzard
Animal Health Concerns Following October Blizzard


Other Resources -

Information about Documentation - LINK

Loss Documentation Guidelines - LINK

Information about Carcass Disposal

Lost and Found Cattle - LINK


SD Department of Agriculture

SD Brand Board

SD Animal Industry Board

SD Stockgrowers Association

SD Cattleman's Association


Human Stress and Mental Health -

Don't forget to take care of yourself, your family members and your neighbors!

Self worth is not tied to net worth.  These tragic losses are not your fault and don't reflect on your capabilities as a rancher, a stockman, or as a person. 

Call your local pastor, doctor, or a trusted friend. 
Its ok to ask for help and to tell someone if you're not handling things well. 

Individuals experiencing disaster-related stress should contact a local community health provider or call Youth and Family Services in Rapid City at 605.342.4195 or 605.342.4870.

Information is also available at